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Email bombing

Email bombing refers to spammers which constantly hit a lot of email addresses with spam messages. Their intention is not necessary to bring the email

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Email forgery (spoofing)

Email forgery refers to a email address which has inaccurate information, although you won’t be able to edit this information if you use email services,

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Email fraud

Email fraud is a generalized term that is used on all crimes that use the email for exploitation. Most common email frauds are: Email hacking,

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Successful Financial Crime cases in Bulgaria

Mikov & Attorneys’ blog offers valuable information about financial crimes and scams in Bulgaria. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can learn about successful Cryptocurrency recovery cases in Bulgaria and how to protect their investments. 

The blog also showcases the firm’s experience in Successful Financial Crime cases in Bulgaria. Victims of investment fraud in Bulgaria can find resources on seeking legal help and recovering losses through Legal assistance for investment fraud victims Bulgaria. 

The blog shares Scam compensation cases in Bulgaria, and success stories, highlighting our dedication to securing justice for clients. Whether you’re seeking legal assistance or just want to be informed, this blog may be of interest for you.