Internet fraud


Internet fraud is a generalized crime covering many sub-types of frauds regarding tricking the victim into providing his information, or to trick him into doing an action. Those types of frauds cover everything that is related to internet, and the easy to pull off methods that scammers use to get what they want.

Attack surface

Scammers cannot really do anything to acquire the user’s information, since there is no clear place, or person to identify. That’s why scammers switch the usual criminal tactics like smash-and-grab for a more sophisticated way of getting what they want. Instead of being active the scammers will often be passive, waiting for the victim to compromise himself, either from entering their phishing websites by mistyping a letter in the address, to building a relationship with them and pretending to be someone else, known as catfishing, so that they can ask for money and deceive their victims as long as possible.

Just as stated above, there are a lot of internet frauds, developed since the dawn of the internet itself, such as: Credit card fraud, Card-Not-Present fraud, Romance scams, Email fraud and so on.

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