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Law firm Mikov & Attorneys specializes in asset recovery for victims of cybercrime when the assets or scammers are located in Bulgaria.

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The advocates from Law firm Mikov have more than 8 years of practice in asset recovery on behalf of victims of cyber fraud involving Bulgarian physical and / or legal persons. Our clients include legal entities established in different countries that became victims of sophisticated continuous criminal schemes when the stoled assets or the fraudster are located in Bulgaria.  

The fraudsters used similar techniques to mislead our clients: through numerous hacking attacks they sent emails on behalf of and / or to our clients or persons related to them using fake email addresses very similar to the originals. The aim of the fraudsters was to trick the victims to transfer substantial amounts of money to the fraudster’s bank accounts in Bulgaria. The money transfers were in breach of the Bulgarian and international AML Law.

Email Crime
Email fraud (or email scam) is intentional deception for either personal gain or to damage another individual by means of email;
Hacking is an attempt to exploit a computer system or a private network inside a computer
Financial Crime
Illegal activities perpetrated by individuals or companies in order to provide an advantageous financial outcome.

We defend victims of cyber and computer crime when the assets or scammers are located in Bulgaria

We provide practical legal solutions through investigative processes and technologies to track and recover the assets stolen in anonymous internet fraud.

Practice Areas

As individuals and businesses continue to increase their usage of computers and the internet to store data, communicate with others and manage their finances, the prevalence of cyber crimes continues to rise as well. When you have been the victim of a cyber crime, you need to take prompt action to recover your stolen assets and protect your legitimate rights.

Law firm Mikov has an experience defending victims of cyber and computer crime when the stoled assets or fraudster are in Bulgaria.


With more than 8 years of experience in the field, Mikov & Attorneys has defended successfully our client’s interests in numerous cases. 


Mikov & Attorneys successfully recovered substantial amounts of assets of victims of cybercrime and computer scams. 


We defend victims of cyber and computer crime


Konstantin Mikov

Founder and Managing Partner

Konstantin Mikov has an extensive experience in asset recovery for victims of financial and cyber crime. As founder of Mikov & Attorneys, his focus is to bring practical legal solutions for the victims to recover their stolen assets through out-of-court procedures in the whole European Union.

Maria Hristova


Maria Hristova has a strong experience in litigation and arbitration. She is handling the litigation and arbitration cases for asset recovery in Bulgaria. Maria Hristova is a LL.M. graduate from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. 

Jana Mikova


Jana Mikova has a deep experience in asset recovery for victims of financial and cyber crime. She has been involved in asset recovery cases before number of financial institutions and has gain an extensive practical experience in this field.

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