Law firm Mikov & Attorneys specializes in major and complex litigation, arbitration, asset recovery and financial regulatory issues.

Participation of Advocate Mikov in France 2 Cash Investigation : Investigation on the fake promises of influencers on April 4, 2024

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Our Key Practices

Mikov&Attorneys - Litigation Lawyer in Bulgaria

The advocates from Law firm Mikov have more than 10 years of practice in providing quality legal services to domestic and international clients. Our lawyers handle complex and challenging civil and commercial cases with the emphasis on dispute resolution and asset recovery, through negotiations or litigation. Our dispute resolution lawyers will focus on resolving your issue in the most straightforward and cost-effective way possible.

Civil Fraud and Asset Recovery
We have more than 8 years of practice in asset recovery on behalf of victims of cyber fraud involving Bulgarian physical and / or legal persons, who applied sophisticated continuous criminal schemes.
Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution
We specialise in the representation and defence of traders who invest on regulated platforms in instruments such as Forex, CFDs, ICO, binary options and cryptocurrencies.
Commercial Litigation
Usually, disputes can be resolved with out-of-court settlements but if there is no agreement between both parties the dispute shall be heard in front of a judge.
Arbitration is a great alternative to litigation when facing financial and commercial disputes because it is faster as goes in one instance within significantly shorter terms.

Our work is often multi-jurisdictional and involves cooperation with our international partners in handling strategic disputes and litigations.

Litigation-Lawyer-in Bulgaria

International Fraud Group

Mikov & Attorneys is member of the International Fraud Group based in London, a global network of highly skilled international lawyers who specialise in tracing, freezing, seizing and recovering stolen assets.


Financial Fraud Lawyer

Mikov & Attorneys is the founding member of the Financial Fraud Lawyer (Avocats Litiges Financiers) European network of lawyers working to recover consumers losses in complex financial products such as Forex, CFDs, ICO, binary options and cryptocurrencies.

Practice Areas

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Mikov & Attorneys has defended successfully our client’s interests in numerous cases.
Mikov & Attorneys successfully recovered substantial amounts of assets of our clients.


Our Lawyers resolve complex legal issues.



Konstantin Mikov

Founder and Managing Partner

Konstantin Mikov has an extensive experience in asset recovery for victims of financial and cyber crime. As founder of Mikov & Attorneys, his focus is to bring practical legal solutions for the victims to recover their stolen assets through out-of-court procedures in the whole European Union.


Maria Hristova


Maria Hristova has a strong experience in litigation and arbitration. She is handling the litigation and arbitration cases for asset recovery in Bulgaria. Maria Hristova is a LL.M. graduate from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. 


Jana Mikova


Jana Mikova has a deep experience in asset recovery for victims of financial and cyber crime. She has been involved in asset recovery cases before number of financial institutions and has gain an extensive practical experience in this field.

Litigation Lawyer Bulgaria

Mikov & Attorneys is a renowned law firm in Bulgaria, specializing in Dispute Resolution, Litigation Law, Arbitration, and Asset Recovery. Our experienced team of Litigation Lawyers, located in Sofia, boasts a proven track record of success in navigating complex civil and commercial litigations, including investment fraud and financial regulation cases. We are experts in recovering assets for individuals and businesses who have fallen victims to cyber fraud and other financial crimes. 

Our dedication to delivering comprehensive legal services extends beyond national borders. As members of the esteemed International Fraud Group and the Financial Fraud Lawyer European network, we collaborate with international partners to provide expert legal support to clients worldwide. 

Our work includes cooperation in Bulgaria with leading Foreign Investors Litigation experts. We handle contractual and tort disputes, investment protection, property rights, and regulatory compliance litigation cases. 

In The Press

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Interview with Konstantin Mikov, Advocate, specialised in the defence of investors in the financial market.

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SMART LEX – Interview of Konstantin Mikov (Mikov & Attorneys) from Florence Duprat, Sunday 20th February 2022.