Commercial Litigation


Litigation is the typical method for resolving different issues and disputes in Bulgaria. Usually, disputes can be resolved with out-of-court settlements but if there is no agreement between both parties the dispute shall be heard in front of a judge. It is difficult for foreigners to represent themselves in case of a litigation before Bulgarian courts not only because they do not know the language, but they are not familiar with the legislation in the country. This applies for citizens, businessmen, companies, etc., therefore, we provide to small and medium enterprises assistance when it comes to dealing with Bulgarian courts regarding legal disputes in the areas of corporate, real estate and construction, labour, and administrative law. We can help you resolve various issues with your business in Bulgaria or disputes with Bulgarian shareholders.

The lawyers at Mikov & Attorneys will provide help throughout every stage of litigation. When it comes to the preliminary stage, we will thoroughly investigate your case and provide drafts of court claims and the related documents to be attached to the statement of claim. Then we will submit them in front of the judge and represent you during the process going usually through all three court instances until the final decision on the case enters into force and you get satisfied by the debtor through execution proceedings before public or private bailiff.



Commercial Litigation Bulgaria

Unfamiliar legal systems can pose significant hurdles, especially for foreign businesses facing Commercial Litigation in Bulgaria. At Mikov & Attorneys, we understand the challenges encountered by businesses when navigating Bulgarian courts.

If you are searching for a Corporate fraud lawyer in Bulgaria, our team of lawyers boasts extensive experience in Corporate fraud. We are providing clients with comprehensive legal support across various commercial and civil litigation in corporate, real estate, construction, labor, and administrative law. Our track record includes representing clients in high-profile disputes involving both local and multinational companies.

We employ a strategic and meticulous approach, guiding you from the initial investigation to the final enforcement of judgments. Our successful case portfolio spans diverse scenarios, from resolving disagreements concerning solar panel pricing to complex insolvency proceedings.

Whether you’re a local business or an international corporation, we will assist you through the complexities of Commercial Litigation Bulgaria.

Contact Mikov & Attorneys today, we’re here to address your legal needs effectively. 

Key Expertise:

Hacking is the act of exploiting another machine’s vulnerabilities in order to gain access and control over it, in order to cause damage to the person, by deleting, stealing information from the machine, or shutting the machine down, causing what’s called “downtime”. 

Hacking has many forms, but one of the most popular ones is, via network.

Password hacking

Most often, password hacking occurs on an individual level, this mean that the person is known ahead of time and the hacker is targeting them for something that they want. 

Although there are many ways of getting someones password, there are few that are most popular.

Email hacking

Email hacking occurs when a hacker breaches into the email service provider, or uses social-engineering to trick the user into phishing websites or even make the victim give his password.

Danger comes from the fact that once the hacker has access to your email he can read all of your messages, including ones for website registrations, since many of the websites require your email and password to log in.

Computer hacking

Hacking or computer hacking, is a term that started out as a definition for a person, who helps other people with setting up their computers.

While surprisingly the term is still around, it is not used that widely anymore to specify someone that is proficient in computers, rather, the hacking is broken down to multiple “hats” of different colors.

Let’s take a look at black and white hat hackers.

Network hacking

Network hacking is the means of exploiting the infrastructure of computers and printers of a given network to gain access to them.

Every program that wants to listen and receive connections needs a port on which the communication must happen over. Ports are they way of identifying where to exactly send the traffic, since there can be many programs on the computers which communicate. 

For example, the operating system on startup might communicate with internet to view if there are any pending updates, a lot of programs also do this practice, on startup check for updates.

Wire fraud
Wire fraud is a type of fraud that involves the use of some form of telecommunications or the internet. These can include a phone call, a fax, an email, a text, or social media messaging, among many other forms.