Salami Attacks


Salami attack is a strategy which scammers use in order to get away with small scams without anybody noticing. The term salami does not refer to anything food related, rather, it is used as an explanation of doing small damages over time, so that the victims do not notice them, but they however, sum up to a much greater profit for the scammers, since they can be performed for longer periods of time.

Attack surface

The salami attacks are mostly made on the banking side of scams, since they have online payments. Those payments could be used to exploit various Credit card frauds such as Card-Not-Present fraud, because in order to make a payment you only need the information from the card, and not anything that truly authorizes the use of the card, such as magnetic strip.

They however don’t have to be made on a victim, they can also be made to a company. Scammers can also be part of this company or actively seeking to be a member of them. The damages that the scammers can make to a company could be astronomical but undetected for a long time. For example, the scammer could export a list of all customers every month, or steal single items from the company, such as any machine parts or fluids which are kept in reserve.


As an individual, you can protect yourself from this scam if you see that your properties have been breached but seemingly untouched. For example, the door of the car being unlocked, or if there are any seams or cracks on the property. If the scammer is after your funds, to see if the payment history contains any small withdrawals or payments which you did not made.

As a company, mostly newer employees, could do this type of scam, since scammers are not really looking for a long term job in the company, rather, they’re in only in to profit from the losses of the company, often given from rivals or scammer-for-hire groups.

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