Civil Fraud and Asset Recovery


Law firm Mikov & Attorneys specialises in asset recovery for victims of civil fraud especially through cybercrime when the assets or the scammers are located in Bulgaria. We have more than 8 years of practice in asset recovery on behalf of victims of cyber fraud involving Bulgarian physical and / or legal persons, who applied sophisticated continuous criminal schemes.

The fraudsters used similar techniques to mislead our clients, legal entities established in different countries on several continents: through numerous hacking attacks they sent emails on behalf of and / or to our clients or persons related to them using fake email addresses very similar to the originals. The aim of the fraudsters was to trick the victims to transfer substantial amounts of money to the fraudster’s bank accounts in Bulgaria. The money transfers were in breach of the Bulgarian and international AML law.

We provide practical legal solutions through investigative processes and technologies to track and recover the assets stolen in anonymous internet fraud. We work in close cooperation with the criminal justice (police, prosecution) and regulatory authorities. As time is of essence in cases of civil fraud we initiate interim measures, such as freezing of bank accounts, to ensure that the assets will be available for recovery to the victims at the end of the court proceedings.


Civil Asset Recovery Bulgaria:

We are a leading dispute resolution law firm in Bulgaria, specializes in Civil Asset Recovery Bulgaria, particularly in cases of Fraud Asset Recovery in Bulgaria and cybercrime-related matters. With over 8 years of experience, we have successfully represented victims of cyber fraud involving Bulgarian entities, employing sophisticated criminal schemes.

Our expertise extends to cases where fraudsters use hacking attacks to impersonate our clients or related parties, aiming to deceive them into transferring funds to Bulgarian bank accounts, in violation of AML laws. We provide practical legal solutions, leveraging investigative processes and technologies to track and recover stolen assets.

In close collaboration with law enforcement and regulatory authorities, we initiate interim measures such as freezing bank accounts to ensure assets are available for recovery. Our track record includes representing companies in construction, technology, and wine industries, successfully recovering substantial funds through civil litigation lawyer Bulgaria.

Key Expertise:

Hacking is the act of exploiting another machine’s vulnerabilities in order to gain access and control over it, in order to cause damage to the person, by deleting, stealing information from the machine, or shutting the machine down, causing what’s called “downtime”. 

Hacking has many forms, but one of the most popular ones is, via network.

Password hacking

Most often, password hacking occurs on an individual level, this mean that the person is known ahead of time and the hacker is targeting them for something that they want. 

Although there are many ways of getting someones password, there are few that are most popular.

Email hacking

Email hacking occurs when a hacker breaches into the email service provider, or uses social-engineering to trick the user into phishing websites or even make the victim give his password.

Danger comes from the fact that once the hacker has access to your email he can read all of your messages, including ones for website registrations, since many of the websites require your email and password to log in.

Computer hacking

Hacking or computer hacking, is a term that started out as a definition for a person, who helps other people with setting up their computers.

While surprisingly the term is still around, it is not used that widely anymore to specify someone that is proficient in computers, rather, the hacking is broken down to multiple “hats” of different colors.

Let’s take a look at black and white hat hackers.

Network hacking

Network hacking is the means of exploiting the infrastructure of computers and printers of a given network to gain access to them.

Every program that wants to listen and receive connections needs a port on which the communication must happen over. Ports are they way of identifying where to exactly send the traffic, since there can be many programs on the computers which communicate. 

For example, the operating system on startup might communicate with internet to view if there are any pending updates, a lot of programs also do this practice, on startup check for updates.

Wire fraud
Wire fraud is a type of fraud that involves the use of some form of telecommunications or the internet. These can include a phone call, a fax, an email, a text, or social media messaging, among many other forms.